Frequently asked questions and answers

Questions and answers about your housing search

A profile on Findbolig is personal, so it is not possible for multiple people, to be associated with the same profile. However, everyone can easily create their own profile, completely free of charge.

You can create a profile by clicking on “Log in” in the top right corner of the page. It is free for both tenants and landlords.

Once you have created your profile, you have 48 hours to confirm and validate your email address through the link provided in the welcome email, you received. Once you have confirmed your identity and email address, your user account becomes active. If you do NOT confirm your email address through the link in the welcome email, your profile will be automatically deactivated after the deadline.

You can always view your new messages in your inbox on 'My Page'. When you create your profile, you can choose how you would like to be notified, when you recieve new messages on FindBolig.

We can notify you, when you receive new messages in your inbox on Findbolig via SMS or e-mail. You can edit and add notifications on the ”Notifications" page under “My Page”.

It is free of charge to receive emails notifications, but SMS notifications cost 2 DKK for each message.

You can see your position on the waiting list, at the "My Waiting List" page under "My Page".

To renew and change your password, you can access “My Page” and then navigate to "Profile Information". Scroll down to the buttom of the page, and fill out your new password, in the last field on the page.Your password should be a minimum of 8 characters and must include at least 1 lowecase letter (a-z), 1 uppercase letter (A-Z), 1 number (0-9), and a special character.


Findbolig is free for both tenants and landlords. Therefore, we will never charge you, for creating a profile, searching for properties, or listing properties with us.

There are many other housing websites, and portals in the market, that have names similar to ours, which may charge fees for using their services. 

We kindly ask you, to double-check the payment, to see where it originated from. If you have signed up for a property, agent service, where you receive SMS notifications, the payment for this service is deducted from your mobile subscription. It costs 2 DKK, for each SMS text. If you still have questions about the charge, please feel free to contact us.
Our team of rental consultants, is ready to answer your questions, in both Danish and English. You can reach us by phone or email here.

Your username, will always be your email address.

If you have forgotten your password, or the email you used for registration, you can always click on 'Forgot my password' when trying to log in. If you are already registered, we will send you an email with a link to reset your password. 

If you continue, to experience problems logging in, you are always welcome to contact us, here. We can guide you in both Danish and English. 



You can experience, that arranging a viewing, requires a bit of coordination, especially when there are multiple applicants. So keep an eye on your inbox, here on Findbolig. This is where, you will be invited to showings, when the property is ready for a new tenant. 

We can notify you via email or SMS, when you are invited for a viewing or receive other important messages in your Findbolig inbox. You can subscribe, to these notifications on the 'Notifications' page under 'My Page'. It is free to receive email notifications, but an SMS notification costs 2 DKK each message.


To schedule a viewing, for a property you are interested in, simply click on the “Book Viewing” button on the property listing. You will receive a confirmation of your request, in your Findbolig inbox.

We will get back to you, as soon as we have the information, about when the viewing can be arranged.

You can track your inquiries and applications under 'My applications' on your 'My page' section.

You are not obligated to rent the property, when you have clicked the “Schedule viewing” button on the listing.

By scheduling a viewing, you are simply expressing your interest, in the rental property and informing the landlord that you would like to see it. Subsequently, you will receive a message from the landlord, with information about when you can view the property.

There is no cost, to access the contact information of landlords on Findbolig. Its is free to contact the landlords. All you need to do, is to create a profile on, and that is also completely free of charge.  

If you have already created a profile, you can start your seach for a new home here, today.

Findbolig is completely free for both tenants and landlords.

As a tenant, you can use Findbolig for free to:

Create a personal profile.

Search for rental properties

Create housing agents and save favorite properties.

Schedule viewings and apply for properties.

Contact landlords


Find your new dream home here (link)


As a landlord, you can create ads and rent out your rental property for free. You also get free access to:

  • Easy creation of housing ads with a few clicks
  • Personal inbox
  • Access to a professional team of rental consultants
  • Overview of your housing ads

Start your rental today (link)

You are entitled to receive the keys, on the first business day, following the day of possession. For example, if the possession date falls on a Sunday or Saturday, May 1st, you will be entitled to receive the keys on Monday, May 2nd. The same applies to public holidays.

When you are going to take over a rental property, you need to physically view it, before making a decision. Therefore, the rental process begins with scheduling a viewing, to see the property.or properies.

After the viewing, you will need to accept or decline the given offer, whether or not you are interested in renting the exact property.